Post-Interview Thoughts

When I showed up to my interview, I was directed to a corporate building in Conshohocken. There, I had to sign in as a guest, and go to suite 425. There, I had to wait for the door to be opened for me, and there to open it was Alicia. I found out that this was her place of work, and that while helping me conduct an interview, she was also balancing her work life and her volunteer life. This woman has so much on her plate!

The interview went much better than I expected. I found out that she had worked with Fox 29 recently giving a piece to their network, so she was already a natural at taking the questions and talking points that I had brought up to her and running with them. I thought the interview was pretty give and take, and enjoyed the responses I initially heard.

When I got up to leave, she asked what else it was I planned to do, and I answered honestly with a “I’m not so sure”. Almost as if she was expecting this, she pitched me a few ideas as to people within the CCC that I could talk to and told me she would put me in touch with them. The next day, sure enough I was CC’d in an email with them, and am working on setting up more times to talk with them.

After uploading my SD card and looking at the footage on my laptop, I was A: relieved that the sound and picture were clear and crisp, and B: happy with how the interview went. I have just over 17 minutes of interview time, 2 separate videos, and now it comes down to editing those videos along with the upcoming interviews with the 2 other members. Add this with the audio and visual aspects, and I think that I am in pretty good shape.

More (a lot more) to come soon

Pre-Interview Thoughts

Tomorrow, I will be interviewing Alicia from Comfort Caring Canines. Being that this is my first real exposure with CCC and interviewing in general, I am a tad bit nervous. In order to ensure that the interview goes smoothly, I follow some of the practices that we learned about in class. One of those practices is going into the interview with prior knowledge of the organization. I spent a solid 20-30 minutes looking at the company website and going over their information and goals, taking a little bit of notes as I see appropriate. By doing this, I am also able to come up with some questions and topics that I can cover, so that the interview goes smoothly and I am informed on my end.

I also look at prior interviews, such as the interviews of Stryker Farms that was shown in my Beautiful Social class. This gave me a good idea as to how an interview can be conducted, ideas for my own, and so forth.

What I hope to accomplish tomorrow is to have Alicia elaborate on her end about CCC, the topic of using animals as stress relief and therapy, and what she sees going forward in this area.

Hair Description Post

To practice my skills at jotting and observations, I was presented with the task of studying and writing about someone’s hair. The person who’s hair I studied belong to a female. She was sitting down in campion, alone, eating and reading her phone the whole time. She was sporting reddish auburn hair, but not the fake or dyed red, she was a natural reddish/auburn type of hair. Her hair was unkept, but that is probably due to the fact that she was playing with it while she had her eyes fixated on her phone. She had bangs pushed to the left side of her face, and they would often move when she would move her head. In order to deal with this change, she would flick her head to the side in order for the bangs to reposition. In the back, her hair was about down just below her shoulders, and seemed relatively thin and straight and not so boisterous and thick. She was sitting near a light, which seemed to make her hair appear brighter. If she decided to style her hair a certain way, I think a short ponytail would work out well. The length of her hair stuck out from the others sitting around her, because most of the other girls I noticed had hair down to the middle of their back, or short not even past their shoulders.

Reflection: To be honest, we all people watch. It is one of the things in life that requires no real skill or need to go out of your way. That being said, focussing in on one stranger’s hair for a substantial amount of time and writing about it was a little odd for me, but didn’t really affect my observations. I think this is a good practice for someone trying to observe and jot down things that they see daily.

Field Notes Plan

There is a park relatively close by my house in Manayunk. I think it would be best if I went there and took some notes on my first impressions, and practice my field note taking abilities. I have frequented this place many times on my daily jogs, stopping to look at how the dogs and humans interact with each other. In a busy area such as Manayunk, with many stores and houses, I find it interesting that in all of that there is a place for dogs to get a sense of play outside of city life.